126. A Crown of Thorns

  1. There was no crown for Him of silver or of gold

    There was no diadem for Him to hold

    But blood adorned His brow and thus its stain He bore,

    And sinners gave to Him the crown He wore

    A rugged cross became His throne,

    His kingdom was in hearts alone.

    He wrote His love in crimson red,

    And wore the thorns upon His head.

  2. He did not reign upon a throne of ivory

    But died upon the cross of Calvary

    For sinners there He counted all He owned but loss,

    And He surveyed His kingdom from a cross.

  3. No purple robe He wore, His bleeding wounds to hide;

    Stripes on His back and spear wound in His side.

    And from His wounds there flowed a crimson cleansing stream

    That was a cover for the soul unclean.

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