142. Who Can Cheer the Heart like Jesus

  1. Who can cheer the heart like Jesus,

    By His presence all divine?

    True and tender, pure and precious,

    O how blest to call Him mine!

    All that thrills my soul is Jesus,

    He is more than life to me;

    And the fairest of ten thousand,

    In my blessed Lord I see.

  2. Love of Christ, so freely given,

    Grace of God beyond degree,

    Mercy higher than the heaven,

    Deeper than the deepest sea.

  3. What a wonderful redemption!

    Never can a mortal know

    How my sin, though red like crimson,

    Can be whiter than the snow.

  4. By the crystal flowing river,

    With the ransomed I will sing,

    And forever and forever,

    Praise and glorify the King.

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