163. How Bright That Blessed Hope!

  1. How bright that blessed hope!

    Jesus will come!

    Let us our heads lift up,

    Jesus will come!

    Morning so bright and clear,

    Mansions of God appear,

    Sin shall not enter there,

    Jesus will come.

  2. Him every eye shall see

    When He appears;

    Bright will the glory be

    When He appears.

    Soon shall the trumpet speak

    Each sleeping saint awake,

    And the glad morning break,

    When He appears.

  3. Raised unto glory then

    At His return;

    Joyous our song shall be

    At His return.

    Gathered around to Him,

    All learn the heavenly hymn;

    Jesus our joyful theme,

    At His return.

  4. Full of this blessed hope

    Till He shall come;

    Let us the cross take up

    Till He shall come;

    Happy, reproach to bear,

    Shame, for His sake, to share,

    Since we the crown shall wear,

    When He shall come.

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