175. His Sheep Am I

  1. In God's green pastures feeding, by His cool waters lie;

    Soft, in the evening, walk my Lord and I.

    All the sheep of His pasture fare so wondrously fine,

    His sheep am I.

    Waters cool... in the valley,

    Pastures green... on the mountain,

    In the evening walk my Lord and I.

    Dark the night... in the valley,

    Rough the way... on the mountain,

    Step by step, my Lord and I.

  2. Yes, the Lord is my Shepherd, and no want shall I know,

    He'll guide and comfort me where'er I go,

    On the mount, in the valley, by His hand I am led,

    His sheep am I.

  3. O, do you know the Shepherd who has died for the sheep?

    Know of His cleansing blood, His power to keep.

    He's a wonderful Saviour and He loves you and me.

    Are you His sheep?

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