177. Just As I Am Thine Own To Be

  1. Just as I am, Thine own to be,

    Friend of the young, who lovest me,

    To consecrate myself to Thee,

    O Jesus Christ, I come, I come.

  2. In the glad morning of my day,

    My life to give, my vows to pay,

    With no reserve and no delay,

    With all my heart I come, I come.

  3. Just as I am, young, strong and free,

    To be the best that I can be

    For truth, and righteousness, and Thee,

    Lord of my life, I come, I come.

  4. And for Thy sake to win renown,

    And then to take the victor's crown,

    And at Thy feet to lay it down.

    O Master, Lord, I come, I come.

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