210. Overshadowed

  1. How desolate my life would be,

    How dark and drear my nights and days,

    If Jesus' face I did not see

    To brighten all earth's weary ways.

    I'm overshadowed by His mighty love,

    Love eternal, changeless, pure.

    Overshadowed by His mighty love,

    Rest is mine, serene, secure;

    He died to ransom me from sin,

    He lives to keep me day by day.

    I'm overshadowed by His mighty love,

    Love that brightens all my way.

  2. With burdened heart I wandered long,

    By grief and unbelief distressed;

    But now I sing faith's happy song,

    In Christ my Savior I am blest.

  3. Now judgment fears no more alarm,

    I dread not death, nor Satan's power;

    The world for me has lost its charm,

    God's grace sustains me every hour.

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