25. Give me a Sight, O Saviour

  1. Give me a sight, O Savior

    Of Thy wondrous love to me,

    Of the love that brought Thee down to earth

    To die on Calvary.

    Oh, make me understand it,

    Help me to take it in,

    What it meant to Thee, the Holy One,

    To bear away my sin.

  2. Was it the nails, O Savior,

    That bound Thee to the tree?

    Nay, 'twas Thine everlasting love,

    Thy love for me, for me.

  3. Oh, wonder of all wonders!

    That through Thy death for me

    My open sins, my secret sins

    Can all forgiven be.

  4. Then melt my heart, O Savior;

    Bend me, yea, break me down

    Until I own Thee Conqueror,

    And Lord and Sovereign crown.

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