42. I have a Friend so precious

  1. I have a Friend so precious,

    So very dear to me.

    He loves so faithfully;

    I could not live apart from Him,

    I love to feel Him nigh,

    And so we dwell together,

    My Lord and I.

  2. He knows how much I love Him,

    He knows I love Him well;

    But with what love he loveth me

    My tongue can never tell;

    It is an everlasting love

    In ever rich supply,

    And so we love each other,

    My Lord and I.

  3. He knows how I am longing

    Some weary soul to win,

    And so he bids me go and speak

    The loving word for Him;

    He bids me tell his wondrous love,

    And why he came to die,

    And so we work together,

    My Lord and I.

  4. And when the journey's ended

    In rest and peace at last

    When every thought of danger

    And weariness is past,

    In the kingdom of the future

    In the glory bye and bye,

    We'll live and reign together,

    My Lord and I.

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