43. I have a Shepherd

  1. I have a Shepherd, One I love so well;

    How he has blessed me tongue can never tell;

    On the Cross He suffered, shed his blood and died

    That I might ever in His love confide.

    Following Jesus, ever day by day,

    Nothing can harm me when he leads the way;

    Darkness or sunshine, whate'er befall,

    Jesus, the Shepherd, is my All in all.

  2. Pastures abundant doth His hand provide,

    Still waters flowing ever at my side;

    Goodness and mercy follow on my track,

    With such a Shepherd, nothing can I lack.

  3. When labour's ended and the journey done,

    Then He will lead me safely to my home;

    There I shall dwell in rapture pure and sweet,

    With all the loved ones gathered round His feet.

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