60. I will work for Jesus

  1. I will work for Jesus, trust Him and obey,

    Carry out His orders, serve Him day by day

    In the ripened harvest, over hill and plain,

    Gleaning for the Master sheaves of golden grain.

    I will work for Jesus till the shadows fall,

    Labour for the Master till I hear His call.

    In the dewy evening when the gleaners leave

    I will come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves.

  2. Gleaning some with gladness, gleaning some with tears,

    On account of thistles with the golden ears,

    Trusting in the Saviour, ever on I go,

    Up and down the hillside, gleaning to and fro.

  3. I shall never weary of the work I do,

    For the Lord will strengthen all the harvest through.

    Laying down the sickle, when the end has come,

    I shall be admitted to the harvest home.

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