81. I'd Rather Live in Heaven

  1. Men strive for the wealth of this wide, wicked world;

    They seek after honor and fame;

    So lavishly sporting their diamonds and pearls,

    They put the dear Savior to shame.

    I rather live in Heaven

    Than to own all earth's silver and gold;

    I'd rather have Jesus

    Than the diamonds of a palace to hold;

    I'd rather be a beggar,

    Live in a shack by the road,

    Than to own all earth's treasures,

    With no title to a future abode.

  2. They seem not to know that their treasures will rust,

    That thieves often break through and steal;

    Contented with pleasure, they follow their lust,

    With sorrow, their destiny seal.

  3. What profit is found in earth's silver and gold?

    How sad at the close of life's day

    If, for the exchange one must lose his own soul,

    From heaven's door be turned away.

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