88. What did He do?

  1. O listen to the wondrous story,

    Once we dwelt among the lost;

    Yet Jesus came from heaven's glory,

    Saving us at awful cost.

    Who saved us from eternal loss?

    Who but God's Son upon the cross.

    What did He do?

    He died for you.

    Where is He now?

    Believe it thou,

    In heaven interceding!.

  2. No angel could His place have taken,

    Highest of the high, though he.

    Nailed to the cross, despised, forsaken,

    Was one of the Godhead three.

  3. Will you surrender to this Savior?

    Now before Him humbly bow?

    You, too, shall come to know His favour;

    He will save and save you now!

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