91. O Master! when Thou callest

  1. O Master! when Thou callest

    No voice may say Thee nay,

    For blest are they that follow

    Where Thou dost lead the way;

    In freshest prime of morning,

    Or fullest glow of noon,

    The note of heavenly warning

    Can never come too soon.

  2. O Master! where Thou callest

    No foot may shrink in fear,

    For they who trust Thee wholly

    Shall find Thee ever near;

    And quiet room and lonely,

    Or busy harvest field,

    Where Thou, Lord, rulest only,

    Shall precious produce yield.

  3. O Master! whom Thou callest,

    No heart may dare refuse;

    'Tis honor, highest honour,

    When Thou dost deign to use

    Our brightest and our fairest,

    Our dearest—all are thine;

    Thou Who for each one carest,

    We hail Thy love's design.

  4. They who go forth to serve Thee,

    We too, who serve at home,

    May watch and pray together

    Until Thou, Lord, shalt come;

    In Thee for aye united

    Our song of hope we raise,

    Till that blest shore be sighted

    Where all shall turn to praise.

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